June 28, 2011

Summer Life Lessons

Don't worry, I'm not getting all philosophical on ya. Just documenting a few of the realizations I've come to this summer so that I don't forget having these epiphanies!

  • Patience really is a virtue. Especially on the days I'm watching the 3 wee ones and I'm sick or tired. I have been really conscious of being patient with those sweet babies this summer and it takes a lot of effort and reminding!
  • The more your employees feel valued and appreciated, the more likely they'll be to work hard for you and will want to see your business succeed! This has been such a great learning experience for me, since eventually my husb will have his own Chiropractic office - I'm so thankful to have experienced this life lesson first-hand!
  • Joy is truly contagious. Sharing in other peoples' joy and celebrating with them is good for the soul! If you think about the last time you were really excited about something, it was probably the people who shared in your happiness that made it extra special!
  • I love my family. Like, I really really really love my family. My husb and my Bella just complete my days. And my life! This isn't a "summer life lesson" but just something I am extra aware of lately. But beyond my wittle family, I just really appreciate and love the rest of my fam. Our parents, and siblings, and aunts/uncles/cousins, and all of my grandparents. I realize the older I get how rare it is to be surrounded by so much family on a daily basis - even when we don't live close enough to visit. As our annual family vaca approaches, I'm just reminded of how blessed I am to be so close to my family, and the more people I encounter who think that its really special is just reinforces this!
These aren't earth-shattering realizations, I know. But I think its important to sometimes reflect on knowledge you've gleaned from time to time... and it doesn't hurt to write it all down (even if it is just on your blog!) so that you can be reminded again and again as you read through old posts!

I'm headed *H.O.M.E.* tomorrow night and cannot wait to squeeze my husband and kittyyy! I am soo looking forward to spending a few days in our home town before heading north (way north) for our annual vacation w/ my whole side of the fam! Funny how a yearly trip that you used to dread and take for granted in your whiny adolescent years suddenly becomes the week of the year you look forward to most just a short decade later, isn't it?? :)

Have you learned some valuable life lessons lately? Big or small, take a moment to reflect today - cheesy, but worth your time, I promise!

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