June 13, 2011


Have you ever had a moment where you are so excited for someone that you feel like you are just going to explode with happiness?!?!

I had this happen on Saturday... when my bff got ENGAGED!!!

Its a weird feeling to be giddy with excitement for someone else! Its the same excitement I felt when my cousins each told me they were getting married. And then that they were expecting little babes! Its a different kind of excitement than when something really great happens to you personally...... hard to explain, but so great!

My heart was so swollen with happiness for these two love birds on Saturday that I couldn't help but let out a few shrieks! My poor husb even had to pause our movie a couple times to let me get out my bursts of excitement (and a few dozen texts)!
He captured the proposal! So sweet!
Sheila was my first real friend in Atlanta. One that I know will be a part of my life forever and ever and ever! She is my first close friend to get engaged and I am thrilled to death for her and so honored that I get to be one of her bridesmaids!!! Check out this bling. A ring that's as pretty as she is ~ nice job, Daniel!
Eiffel Tower setting... sooo perf for Sheila!
But after {almost} 2 years of marriage - while I'm no expert on the subject by any means! - I have come to learn that there is much more to a successful, happy marriage than a nice ring and a cute proposal. Lucky for these guys, they've got everything it takes for a lifetime of happiness!
  • They love each other unconditionally. Even when they are stubborn and grouchy, they are respectful and considerate of each other.
  • They value the time they spend together like no other couple I know. Being apart while D travels for work has made them really appreciate the quality time they have together!
  • They strive every single day to make each other happy. They're always surprising each other with fun dates and little presents.
  • They put their family and their faith first in their lives. Nearly everything they do revolves around their families and church.
  • They work hard at making each other feel loved. Daniel brings Sheila a dozen flowers every Wednesday! 
  • They have scarily similar likes and interests! They joke that they were both born into the wrong generation... and they are so thankful that they found each other!
This engagement was a long time comin'  but it was worth the wait! I can't wait to start all of my bridesmaid duties and am sooo looking forward to showering my bestie with gifts and love and attention over the next 9+ months :)

Marrying my best friend has been the best decision I've made in my whole life and I am excited beyond words that Sheila will soon be joining the wives club! Sheila ~ cherish this time because it goes way.too.fast. I savored every moment of love and excitement during my engagement and I'm anxious to pay it forward!
The future Mr. and Mrs.!

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