June 25, 2010

Summer Update!

Is it REALLY already June 25th...?! This summer has gone by much too fast! Here is the update on our lives:

Andrew finished his first quarter of Chiropractic school last week! He did fabulous :) His grades were great and he survived the 27 hour course load just fine. His "summer" is a 3 week break from class, so he spent the first week in Atlanta keeping me company and is now up in Ohio visiting with family and friends for a week! I'll join him up there next Wednesday, and then we'll spend the following week in Canada on our annual family vacation. We can't wait! Oh, and Bella girl gets to come this year, too ;)

I'm busy working... but I'm having a ton of fun doing it! I'm babysitting three precious little kiddos 3 days a week, and working at their parents' bankruptcy law firm the other 2 days! It has been SUCH a good experience so far! I've learned a lot at the office, and at home with the kids haha. It has been excellent birth control - despite their cuteness. I'm excited for a break though and can't wait to see my fam and friends up in Ohio!

In other exciting news, I received a WONDERFUL email the other week! I was awarded a $32,000 scholarship for law school!!! We were thrilled with the news and now there is hope that we may actually be able to reproduce before the age of 35... just kidding. Sort of. But really, we're so excited! My hard work is - literally - paying off.

Looking forward to what is left of our summer and will keep y'all posted! Uh oh... I've been in the south almost a whole year now, y'all is starting to sound like English. I better get back to school......