February 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Andrew!

Andrew turned 23 on Valentine's Day!! :) My parents and Meredith were in town for the weekend... so we had a fun visit filled with shopping and dining! Mere hadn't seen our new stomping grounds yet, so we gave her the grand tour! I baked my first fancy cake to celebrate Andrew's life - and it turned out to be (surprisingly) amazing! Andrew's birthday definitely overshadowed Valentine's Day, as we spent our evening eating sushi and seeing The Wolfman haha. Not one of my favorites, I must say... but the birthday boy enjoyed it. Bella loved my baking - and by loved, I mean that she wanted to attack it! Enjoy the pics...

The Red Velvet Cheesecake was a success :) The trick candles... not so successful! His "gift" is that we'll be spending a long weekend in Savannah next month! Can't wait!!!

February 3, 2010

Hello, 2010 :)

It is hard to believe that it is already February! So nuts! Andrew and I are back in the swing of school... and back to having basically no time for fun :( But, that's what winter break was for - so here are a few random pictures of our trip to Mexico and the holidays. Our birthdays are both coming up in the next weeks/months so we are looking forward to celebrating turning 23, spending time with my parents and Mere over Valentine's Day weekend when they come to visit, and perhaps a getaway or two as the weather warms up down south! More to come when our life livens up a bit haha...