October 26, 2010

Scents of the Season

Today in Atlanta it was about 80 degrees and extremely humid (I'm talking... humid as in my glasses fogged up when I walked to my car at 8 a.m. <-- nerd) even though it is almost NOVEMBER! That is craziness to this Midwestern girl. Up in Ohio, I would already be donning my Uggs and fleeces and scarves! Oh wait, I already wear scarves year-round - pure insanity if you ask my hubbs :)
So in hopes of bringing a little bit of fall flavor to our home, I've sprinkled our apartment with some little/easy/inexpensive flares of fall to make it at least feel and smell like fall in our house!
These Yankee Beanswax Candles are my latest obsession! Soo fragrant, even when they're not lit!

"The Great Pumpkin" scent = to die for!
I know candles aren't everyone's thing. Especially for people with ornery kitties who think flickering flames make fun toys! So for decor that can be enjoyed 24/7, I have developed a new-found affinity for potpourri! {Sidebar: I hate how that word is spelled.} I have found that a bag of $12.99 potpourri from Marshall's or HomeGoods can make such a difference in a room! This is my newest "batch" that I have used to liven up our coffee table and guest bathroom - and surprisingly I catch a whiff of it every time I walk past... almost a month, still going strong!
One bag of potpourri, a hurricane vase and a candle make for a simple, fragrant centerpiece!

This is a little nicer than sitting out a can of air freshener next to the potty ;)
And just because I share a breezeway with 3 other lovely apartment-dwellers, does not mean that my entryway can't be accessorized! This fall-colored ribbon wreath was a DIY creation made by moi! Thanks to Sheila, who organizes a fun, crafty "Girls Night In" every couple of weeks, my little door now has a homemade decoration of its very own! Ya, ya, I know wreaths don't fit in my "scents of the season" theme - but I just feel like bragging because I love it.
Ribbon Wreath: $10 of ribbon + $5 foam wreath + 30 fun minutes of tying knots at GNI

TA DAAA! {I think the security alarm sticker detracts from its beauty... but I can deal}
And what would fall be without the scents of warm, gooey, pumpkin-y baked goods?! These sweet treats have been my favorite scents of this season by far!
Pumpkin muffins and Pecan Braids from Panera

Pumpkin Pecan Cheesecake fresh outta the oven... mmm
Until fall decides to officially arrive in Atlanta, I'll just keep adding my own unofficial touches of autumn to our little abode!

**Click the links for ribbon wreath instructions and cheesecake recipe**


  1. I'm so glad you found my blog!! Your blog is super cute and I love your house and all you decorations! So you guys are living in Atlanta I see, thats so fun! My brother just moved there so hopefully we'll get to visit soon!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier! I just became a follower of your blog -- it's nice to "meet" another Emily (and a soon-to-be-lawyer!). I also convinced my husband to get a pet shortly after we were married. And your anniversary is my birthday! :) Fun! I am loving your blog.


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