June 11, 2011

Friday Favorites (...a day late!)

I kept up with my Friday posts for 2/3 weeks. And even though this one is a day late, there are just too many pretty little pics I came across this week not to share!

No theme, per se... but I have wedding fever. Not for my own wedding, of course. But I've started gathering some ideas for my friends' weddings. And even my sister's. None of them are engaged yet but I have a hunch that some serious wedding planning is imminent for at least one of my almost-bride-to-be bffs :) More to come on that later........

For now, Friday Fave's ~ Saturday Edition:
Cutting board w/ a hole for scraps. Best. Idea. Ever. via
I NEED this to be in my backyard! Neeeeeed. via
Loving this giant sink! Perf for piling up dirty dishes... via
Ob-sessed with these place cards and display! via
Gorgeous bouquet. Rananculous may be my new fave flower! via
Strawberries in bruleed marshmallow creme?! Must. Make. Now. via
Grilled cheese + Avocado... Why has this combo never occurred to me before?! via
Well, that was a fun little Saturday morning post! Made me hungry though... I think I'll rush through my Saturday a.m. cleaning routine and head to Whole Foods so I can try out some of these recipes I've been drooling over all week!

Husb has finals next week. He'll need some brain food to help him study!

What are you all doing this weekend?? :)

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