Our Family

Andrew and I became Mr. and Mrs. on August 1, 2009. A week after our wedding, we moved to Atlanta and I decided that our home needed some more life in it. Since we don't plan on adding real live babies (fingers crossed) to our family head count for a few more years, I immediately got to work begging/pleading with Andrew for a pet :) A dog was our first choice... but given our apartment lifestyle and busy school schedules, we thought we'd be neglectful dog owners. So, next option was a kitty! This one took a lot - and I mean a lottt - more convincing! Neither of us are were "cat people" but we fell in love with the *free* fur ball we found via Facebook and just had to scoop her up and bring her home with us when we met her!

Little did Andrew know (ok, he totally knew) I had been buying pet supplies, toys, treats, pink carriers and frilly collars for weeks before we got Miss Bella, but luckily she melted his heart, too! And now we're a happy little family of 3! Bella bean quickly became the world's most spoiled - and most expensive - free kitten, and we can't imagine our newlywed life without the little nugget!