April 15, 2010

Law School Ball

At the end of every year, law schools (well, most law schools) hold a Barrister's Ball... people call it the law school "prom," but really it is a fun night out to get dressed up and celebrate the fact that you've survived a first, or another, year of misery! Ok, I'm exaggerating. It's not that miserable! So maybe Barrister's Ball is more of a last hoorah before finals? Those are quickly approaching - in fact, I had one the morning OF the ball! - so I suppose the ball was probably the last night I'll spend out on the town until summer. In any event, we had a really great time! My grandparents were staying with us for the night as they passed through from Florida to Ohio, so we ended up going to the ball pretty late, but had a fabulous time nonetheless :) Here are a few pictures of us all dolled up and having a good time w/ friends!

April 4, 2010

Savannah Weekend

Andrew and I spent Easter weekend exploring Savannah, GA! It was our birthday gift from my parents (and each other!) so we made the most of the fine dining and historic tours the city has to offer. We LOVED the beautiful scenery - especially the old trees and gorgeous gardens. It was a much needed getaway, and we're so glad to have had the chance to spend a few days in such a quaint little place!