December 29, 2009

AH! I'm a bad blogger!

For anyone who has been following our blog... I'm sorry that it is the most boring thing ever :) I was so busy with finals that I haven't even thought about it! Here is what we have been up to since... well, October!

We were home in Hudson for Thanksgiving, which was a short but sweet break! Unfortunately, I spent more time preparing for finals than I did with our families I think. BUT! I survived finals week(s) and we were able to take our delayed honeymoon in Mexico just a few days after I finished - the timing was perfect and so was our week in paradise! We arrived back in Cleveland on December 21st and have been enjoying the holidays and some much needed, and well-deserved, R & R with our friends and family in Ohio.

Our first Christmas as a family (+Bella) was wonderful! We feel so blessed to be surrounded by such loving parents and ALL of our great siblings! We're also looking forward to what 2010 has in store for us :) We hope that this post finds you all well, and I will work on getting some more recent photos up soon (baby steps)!!