Our Story

In the opinion of most, we we started out as an unlikely pair :) I met Andrew when we were 9 years old... probably at the bus stop on our way to 4th grade, but neither of us remember the first official meeting. My family rented the house beside his childhood home when we moved back to Ohio from Indonesia, and we were next door neighbors until my parents found a home to buy - 3 short miles from Andrew's - several months later.

We rode bus #36 together the first few months of that school year, and were in the same 5th grade class a year later. As 10-year-old boys tend to do, Andrew expressed his affection for me in unusual ways - namely, spitting "candy" at me as I walked home from school one fall afternoon. Unfortunately for him, my mom met me halfway and saw the whole incident go down! So, hours after our first flirt (for lack of a better title...) we also had our first phone call when Andrew - and my now mother-in-law! - called me to apologize for spitting at me ;)

I must have gotten over the spitting drama quickly, because a couple short years later, Andrew and I "went out" for a whole 6 days in the 7th grade! I don't remember much... probably because middle schoolers who "go out" don't actually speak to each other - what I do remember are a few notes left in each others' lockers, and holding {sweaty} little hands at the movie Space Cowboys haha! I don't know if we ever technically broke up... I'm pretty sure we just stopped talking!

Anyway, the rest is history... long story short, we didn't date in high school (that was for the better - believe me!) and ended up talking again when Andrew transferred to Ohio University our sophomore year of college. Two years later, we got engaged. And a year after that, we got hitched!

So, that brings us to today - nearly 15 years have passed since the day we met and if you had told us back then that we'd be married we would have laughed you out of town! But I love the story of our past, and I feel so lucky to be seeing the rest of our story unfold as we journey through life and love together!