June 23, 2011

Work + School + Visitors = No Blogging

Has it really been 10 days since I last blogged? Seems like its been like 12 hours, that's how fast my week flew by! The busyness of work and school and trying to have a summer finally caught up with me and I was knocked out by a nasty cold. Somehow colds are like a million times more miserable when its nice outside, right? I was a sneezing, watery-eyed, snotty mess.

Perfect timing for my only illness of the year... 2 days before my sister and her bf came to visit for the weekend! Not. I managed to suck it up (this is not my forte... I typically milk my sicknesses as long and as much as I can...) and we had such.a.FUN.weekend!!! Erika and Carter drove all the way from Cincinnati so they ended up staying Thursday-Monday to make the drive worthwhile ~ and we were sure to pack as much excitement into that long weekend as we possibly could! Here is a recap of their visit:

My sister is obsessed with aquariums. So we have to go to the Georgia Aquarium every. single. time. she comes to visit!
She loves to pet the sting rays...

Erika and Carter before the storm rolled in!

Sisters outside the aquarium :)
After the aquarium we hit up Vortex for arguably the highest calorie burger in Atlanta, and waited for the storm to (fingers crossed) blow over so we could get over to the Braves game! Thankfully, the weather cooperated and we were able to see our game (aka: we were able to get our Dippin' Dots and funnel cake and a couple of beers...) and the Friday night fireworks! They lost - boo. But the fireworks - and food - were great! Yay!
At Turner Field
Saturday we ventured over to Sweetwater Brewery for a tour and tasting... 6 samples for $8?! Yes please! So fun. If you live in ATL and haven't gone, I highly recommend it the next time you want to do something different on a summer afternoon.
The men in our life ;)


w/ the husb
I was doing so good with picture-taking, I should have known I was due to mess it up! Insert screw up: I brought my camera-less case with us to dinner Saturday night, and the rest is history. Not one more pic was taken the entire weekend! My sis managed to snap a few, so I'll have to steal from her later! The rest of the visit was pretty uneventful ~ lots of laughing, lounging by the pool, a little vino drinking and reminiscing, and more eating. Sooo much eating! So much that I actually hit the treadmill for a 4 mile run the day after they left. For those of you who know me, this is a serious sign of a fat girl weekend!

Monday I was back to work. Back to class. Back to trying to get my house in order. Catching up on laundry. You know the post-visitor drill... then add to that trying to pack husb and Bella for their week in Ohio and I was just one busy chick! I can breathe a little easier the next 5 or so days before a little trek of my own back to Ohio :)

Hope you all have had a fun-packed week, too!
Whole gang at Sweetwater!

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