November 5, 2010

Hair Envy

Every time my hair gets long, I want to cut it short. As soon as I chop it off, I miss my long hair.

Whenever I get highlights, I love them until I see roots - then I freak out and want my hair back dark. When my hair is natural, it feels bland.

HAIR ENVY is the worst... I always want what I don't have!

In July, I chopped my locks 8 inches and lightened it up with some golden highlights. Three short months later, I am cringing at the sight of roots and am missing my long, long hair! So... I think its time for (another) change. I'm debating on the color... and haven't reached any sort of decision, but looking through old pictures and polling my most trusted bffs (SK, Sheila, sisters) is certainly helping! Here are some colors and styles that I am pouring over at the moment as I try to make up my mind!

After much thought........... I think I need to darken my hair and let it grow long again! By the time it gets to the perfect shade and length, I'm sure I'll be ready for another change, but oh well :)


  1. Too funny! I feel the same way, I'm never happy with whatever I do to my hair and always wish it was the way it was before... back when I thought it was boring. Good luck deciding! I think you look cute with all of your various colors and lengths!

    Thanks so much for joining us for Friendly Friday - have a great weekend!

  2. omg i just died laughing reading this... almost like a frantic dr.seuss hahaha i dunno why that's what it reminded me of! it looks GREATTTT!

  3. change is always fun.

    new follower from Friendly Friday blog hop.


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