December 1, 2011


This Thanksgiving was so different for us in the most wonderful ways. Of course we missed our families and seeing our baby cousins (S/O to my sis for sending pics and videos of the nuggets - that made our day!) but we had such a fun, relaxing day with friends!

The time we would have spent rushing around to 3 different houses, we spent planted on the couch watching football and holding precious little Gia. The hours we would have been stuffed in a car, we spent cooking and baking and midnight shopping! I have no complaints. Also, spending the holiday away from family only heightens the excitement of seeing them for 3 uninterrupted weeks over Christmas! :)

We also found some new favorite recipes - I kid you not, Andrew made the best mashed potatoes in the history of mashers. And not to pump my own tires, but my pies were un. real. This should go without saying, but... of all the things I had to be Thankful for this year, Pioneer Woman just about topped my list! Thank you Jesus for her Thanksgiving recipes. Namely, these ones: Mashers, Pie Crusts, Apple Pie, Pecan Pie.
The big old bird

Tony carving his first Thanksgiving turkey

Sweetest little baby bean

Turkey Day gang! Did I mention the theme was tacky Christmas sweaters?? Well, it was.

Nom nom nom
Ugly Christmas sweaters (theme of the day) are apparently pretty hard to come by. Did you know there are actually websites devoted to Ugly Christmas sweaters? And they rob you! $30+ for a used, fugly sweater??? No thanks. At the Goodwills in the city - pickins were slim. And I'm married to a germaphobe... so I ended up making Andrew's hideous vest. Complete with a light-up component, per his request.
Mine came from a local thrift store. It was  bedazzled, so I was a little nervous about tossing it in the washer... but I'll be damned if I was going to wear that thing without washing it first! Well, my $4 sweater almost turned into a $400 sweater... I thought I ruined our dryer. There was black fuzz everywhere. The inside of our white dryer was literally black and I spent an hour trying to clean it out. I continued to shed black fuzz all over the place for the rest of the day - on couches, on Andrew, on sinks, and {husb's favorite} on my own face in the shape of a beard. Needless to say, this heinous garment landed in the trash by late evening.
So, those were the highlights of our first Thanksgiving sans family. Babies, baked goods, and ugly Christmas sweaters. All in all, the day was a success! Here are a few other random pics of our Turkey Day for your viewing pleasure... hope you are recovering nicely from the day's hustle and bustle (and food coma)!
Remember these from my Friday Favorites?

Pumpkin Pie and homemade whipped cream

Waiting in line at Target. Insanity...

EVERYbody was thankful for this baby girl!

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