December 16, 2011

Friday Favorites

As if my life weren't already filled to the brim with weddings my BFF went and got engaged this past weekend!!! We joke that 2012 has to be my skinniest (hungriest) year ever... but seriously, I need to for real stop buying pints of ice cream every Saturday night until after October 20th! I'd hate for my Haagen Dazs obsession - and the sausage arms that are a natural result of said obsession - to ruin anyone's wedding pics.

If you've followed me for a while, you know all about my bestie Sara-Kate.
And that I love her.
And that she made my life complete when she moved to Ohio our soph year of high school.
Annnd that we are soul sistas. In every creepy way.

Our friendship used to revolve around being "lax bitches" and school dances and our boyfriends-of-the-moment. Then the conversations progressed to topics like jobs and exercise (because let's be honest, post-high school we discovered that butts grow dimples). And NOW we talk about cooking and weddings and - dare I even say it - babies!

Madness I tell you. I hardly even recognize us.

Lucky for our moms, SK's cousin will be giving the MOH speech on her big day! Which means I can save all most of our greatest hits for the book I swear I'll someday write ;) In the meantime... here are some Friday Faves: Skate's Wedding Edition!
How amazing is this color combo?! Navy, pink and green... so pretty!

Beautiful preppy pink/navy fondant cake... yum!

Pink + Navy + a pop of Green. Invitation perfection :)

Obsessed w/ navy dresses. And even more obsessed w/ this mix of pink flowers! I looove gerbera daisies!

BRIGHT pink for the maids. LIGHT pinks for the bride... beautiful!!!

I'm such a sucker for monograms. This is a monogram theme (shower, not wedding) done so so right!

And the softer side of this gorgeous color combo ;) 
I'm on wedding overload. I think I need a vacation! In fact......... I think I'll go to the beach right now! Have a great weekend... if you see any amazing PURPLE or PINK/NAVY/GREEN wedding pictures - decor, dresses, flowers, etc. - floating around the internets, feel free to pin them to me!

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