November 26, 2011

Christmas Cards

Its that time of year again...

The minute the turkey is cleared from the table and I come out of my food coma, I go into full speed Christmas mode! This year I braved the crazy midnight Black Friday shopping rush {never again} and after 2 hours of that madness I made myself a vow to finish the rest of my holiday shopping online. Thank God for Cyber Monday!

This is also the time of year I try to organize my thoughts and ideas for our Christmas cards! Its always tricky - in my opinion - to find a mix between cute and classic. Especially when we don't have kids or some big long brag letter to include with our cards. But thankfully there are wonderful websites like Tiny Prints that let me customize a card to fit our needs. My goal: a pretty card with a simple greeting and a recent photo for Nana to display on her fridge. I usually opt for a single photo, flat card. Its a simple, fun way to wish our friends and family a happy holiday from our little family without being too over the top.

When we first got married, I chose a more classic card and included a wedding photo. Last year, I picked something a little more contemporary and used a photo of us with our kitty girl. This year, I want to choose something a little more relaxed. A little more fun. Something not so red-and-green-and-Christmasy. Here are some Tiny Prints designs I've got my eye on...
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Each of these designs jumped out at me as being unique and different enough to stand out from the dozens of other Christmas cards people will be opening over the course of the next month or so. As if narrowing the card design down wasn't hard enough with so many cute and creative options -- now I've got to narrow down the picture(s) we'll use!

Here is my best Christmas card ordering tip for newly(ish)weds: limit the input you get from hubbs. My usual game plan:

Narrow the card designs down to 3. 
Narrow the photos you want to use down to 4. 
"Personalize" each card design with your photo and names... 
and then and only then show the {limited} options to your husband! 

Works like a charm. And if you pair the best picture of him with your favorite design, he'll be more likely to go with the card of your choice! Magic, I tell you.

Have you picked your holiday cards yet? If not, head on over to Tiny Prints!

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