December 12, 2011

Auntie Em

A few months ago I got an unexpected phone call from my sis-in-law. I was leaving Nordstrom Rack, shuffling to my car with bags in hand when my phone rang. I was expecting a casual chat. How's school? What's new? Instead, the news I got was the kind that leaves you speechless for a second... I was tongue-tied for quite possibly the first time in all my 25 years. But after the initial shock wore off and the words "you're going to be an aunt!" sank in {somewhat} I muttered a few congratulatory words and told her how proud we were of her.

But there was no "we" yet. Andrew - her older brother by more than 7 years - didn't know yet. I was supposed to tell him. How do you tell a big brother that his 17-year-old sister is expecting his first niece/nephew???

First thing in the morning, while he's sitting down.
At least... that's the best plan I could come up with.

That conversation with him went much better than I had imagined. Sure, I saw flashes of anger and disbelief shoot across his face for a few seconds. But after he processed the bomb I dropped on him for a breath or two twenty, he actually said he was excited! I think he said something like "ya know..... this will be kinda cool" haha. Phew!

So....... there you have it! I'm gonna be an auntie! And husb is pretty excited that he'll be an uncle in just 5 short months!!! He's hoping its a boy - he said "he'll make it badass." But really we're just praying that he/she is happy and healthy, and we're looking forward to showering the babe with lots of love!

Annnd naturally I'm SO excited to help my sis-in-law decorate a nursery while we're home over break!!!!! Here are some idea boards I put together for her. She'll know the gender the week after Christmas, then we can get to work! {click to enlarge}

The timing isn't ideal. The pregnancy {obviously} wasn't planned. And the last few months have been turbulent to say the least. But no matter the circumstances, a baby is a blessing ~ and we couldn't be more excited for this happy little accident to be joining our family in May!

After all...

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  1. You have a great attitude about it all!, and you are right, every baby is a blessing! I think your support will mean the world to her. I am sure the baby will have lots of love from all of you. Congratulations on being an Aunt!


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