November 18, 2011

Friday Favorites: Thanksgiving Edition

So, we decided this week that we will not be making the trek back to Ohio for Thanksgiving.

{Insert: Mild Panic Attack}

Apparently husb has a couple practicals/lab exams the following week and doesn't think its worth spending 20 hours in the car just to spend 3 days with our families, when he'd have to study during that short little visit anyway. I don't blame him... its such a short "break" and he doesn't need the added stress of traveling and cramming in visits with a million family members right before finals.

Truth be told - I'm actually kind of excited we'll be spending Thanksgiving in Atlanta. Is that terrible? It will be a much more relaxed day (and weekend). And we'll be in the company of wonderful friends, so I don't think I'll miss the family together-ness all that much. Not to mention, I was put in charge of pies! Pies have always been my mom's thing, so I'm anxious to take on her usual Thanksgiving contribution solo this year :)

So this week, I've been consumed with scouring the internet for Thanksgiving recipe ideas! Naturally, my starting point was Pioneer Woman's recipe archives. Pinterest has also been a big help. Anyone shocked? No, didn't think so. Here's a few gems I came across...
PW Dreamy Apple Pie ... I've never made an apple pie. Ever. But this one is tempting me to try!

PW Perfect Pie Crust. No store-bought pies allowed at Thanksgiving. Mom's rule...

PW strikes again. Green Bean Casserole... I don't like veggies. I don't like casseroles. But this looks reallllly good.

Prettiest little Sparkling Cranberry Brie Bites I ever did see! Perfect for munching on while we cook :)

Beautiful homemade Pumpkin Pie... almost too pretty to eat! Almost.

This Starbuck's Pumpkin Scones recipe would be a great Thanksgiving morning breakfast treat!
Feel free to place bets on how many of these creations will actually make an appearance on our first-ever-without-our-mommas Thanksgiving table!

P.S. Thanksgiving is this week! Did it totally sneak up on anyone else?? Hope your plans are all falling into place... feel free to share your favorite recipes if you have a must-make for me :) Happy cooking!

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