December 9, 2011

Friday Favorites

This week's faves deserves a wedding theme in honor of my sister's engagement! I've We've been stashing away ideas for months, knowing that a proposal was bound to happen sometime around the holidays!

And since she hates planning things... I've been dutifully Pinning away ideas to share with her. She has jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon - thank God - so its been a little easier to figure out her taste in flowers, cakes, etc. but she is still sort of all over the place! But one thing is certain: the color scheme will be purple. Her favorite color for as long as she could identify colors :) Which, knowing my sister, was probably sometime around the age of 11 haha... jk. Sort of.
Simple but elegant purple accented cake. Erika is understatedly beautiful and I think this cake is too!

Beautiful shade of purple bridesmaid dresses... I'd be lyin' if I said I wasn't excited about wearing a deep purple dress!

Navy compliments these purple hues fabulously... and I'm obsessed w/ this bouquet!

Purple done right. These darker eggplant tones are gorgeous!

Mixed shades of purple make these centerpieces really pop! Love the mix of high and low.

And these are just so cute. I think I need to make them for the future Mr. and Mrs. ... :)
Thankfully I don't fall into the "always a bridesmaid, never a bride" category (otherwise all these weddings I'm in next year might drive me a little nutty!)... I'm happily in the "already was a bride, and now am sooo sososo excited to be a bridesmaid for all the people I love most in my life!" side of things!

Now, if my sis could just narrow down a Pinterest-inspired venue in real life, we'd be all set to get this planning officially underway! With any luck - and a lot of coffee and wine at my parents' house this winter break, no doubt! - we'll have the whole thing planned before we both head back to school in January.

Wish us luck!!! HAPPY FRIDAY!

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