December 7, 2011

Break & an Update!

If you've followed this blog long enough, you know by now that this is the time of year when I suffer from my I-didn't-do-a-dang-thing-all-semester-and-now-deadlines-and-finals-are-creepin'-up anxiety. Its also the time where my hair is greasy, my eyes have bags, husband feels neglected, dinners don't get cooked, my social life disappears, and tears inevitably ensue.

Well........ I decided to skip all most of that dramarama this year! I still took my finals, duh. Sure, I had a few sleepless nights, stressful days, and definitely had my fair share of under eye bags... but for some reason or another I just decided not to stress so much this year! I took time out of my studying to finish my Christmas shopping, cook dinners, go to yoga (whaaat? ya, I said it!), and didn't turn down one weekend social invitation! And guess what? I survived.

Finals are done. Did I ace them? Probably definitely not. But who cares?! I've put in my time... worked hard for 3 years... now I'm ready to just slide by and enjoy my last semester of school! Because really, there is just way too much fun stuff going on to stress!!! 

Hellooooo 4 1/2 weeks of winter break! On the agenda: be a stay at home mom to Miss Bella (insert crazy cat lady comments here), read read read for fun!, vaca in FL w/ Andrew's family, home to Ohio to visit for 2 weeks!
Cyber Monday shopping... computer, coffee, wallet, and The View. 
Gift wrapping station in our office... I knew that table would come in handy eventually!
Saturday mall and sushi date w/ husb... how pretty is the tree on our Macy's?
Bella loves to help her daddy take study breaks ;)
Oh, ya..... and.............


The proposal was adorable. The ring is amazzzing. Her fiance is a doll. She is over the moon excited... and I'm SO EXCITED FOR HER!!!!! She is soo in love :) And she hates planning things - so I'm her full-time wedding planner woo hoo!! 
The blinggg! Beautiful just like my sissy!
Looks like 2012 is stacking up to be the most exciting year of my life to date! Weddings, graduations, babies and MORE! Bring it on!

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