January 26, 2011

I Love My BFF

This post is a tribute to my BFF.

Because she is awesome.

And because I really, truly do love her.
And miss her!

Annnd because she totally asked for it :)

Here are just a few of the reasons why Sara-Kate is my bff and why my life would be empty and boring and dull and lonely and sad and I'd just be lost without her:
#1: She is pretty. And easy to like. And always down for meeting me for a drink, or a shopping excursion, or lunch, or whatever! Back in our rebellious high school days, we'd smooth talk our way past the parking lot attendant to get smoothies or BP coffee every morning during our study hall. She was totally ok with exchanging a piece of pumpkin roll or my senior picture for a mid-morning break from Hudson High School.
#2. We both think we're cool. She thinks I'm cool. I think she is cool. But we both know we're not actually very cool. And we've got each others' back, no matter how un-cool the situation we get ourselves into might be (think: covering up for each other's fibs to our moms back in the day - even if it meant spending your Monday night baking/decorating a cake for an imaginary extra credit project!).
#3. Even when we got our purchased-online-without-reading-carefully costumes in the mail and realized that they were a) spandex b) sorta see-through and c) didn't zip past our boobies... she was still a trooper and we wore them proudly anyway. {Control top panty hose and all!} We dressed up as totally inappropriate sailors for freshman year Halloween at OU together and pranced around campus all night as if we thought we looked normal.
#4. She (and her momma) threw me the cutest most adorable wedding shower that ever existed. With all my girlfriends. And made me feel like the most special little bride ever! I can't wait to return the favor!!! Hurry up and get engaged already, would ya?
#4 1/2. In addition to my amazingly wonderful shower, she was also an A+ co-Maid of Honor throughout all of my wedding festivities! Thanks to her, my Bachelorette Party was a night I'll never forget, and she was my go-to girl for every step of wedding planning. {This pic was taken the night of my Rehearsal Dinner}
#5. She is super fun! We loved visiting each other at OU/Miami during college - this night in particular was a favorite college memory of mine... I surprised SK for her 21st birthday :) She woke up on the morning of her milestone birthday curled up with me in her twin bed, both wearing a combination of pajamas and our outfits from the night before. Can you think of a better way to kick off your 21st year of life?! No? Me either.
#6. We love tormenting our baby brother and sister. Who also happen to be bffs. A favorite past time of ours is exchanging stories about the dumb stuff these two knuckleheads are up to. It tends to make us feel better about our own lives! Particularly when one (or both) of these precious siblings of ours hit parked cars, wind up in underage drinking debacles, throw parties thinking they are stealth just to find out they're not, and all other things along this same line of general stupidity.
#7. We reminisce {all the time} about our ridiculous high school memories. It never gets old. This picture brings back memories of our awesome - or at least we thought so - UPS girls Halloween costumes and a night of 18-year-old trick-or-treating. The same night where I may or may not have picked a wedgie  - a severe enough wedgie to require me to actually lift my skirt up to get to it - while wearing skimpy undies, without realizing that someone was behind me. Woops. That's still good for a laugh 6ish years later.
#8. More high school memories. Getting ready for high school dances is another favorite "back in the day" memory. Never mind that we usually only stayed at the actual dance for approx 22 minutes each time. We made more memories at during/post dance parties and sleepovers than we did at the high school gym anyway!
#9. We put up with each other no matter what. Even when one of us is being drunk. And/or annoying. Or whining/venting/bitching. And possibly maybe (way back in the day) puking. Even if it means that the other one has to stay in the bathroom with their bff to hold back their hair and rub their back........ while eating a frozen french bread pizza :)
#10. This was the first night of a certain memorable summer that I rekindled my friendship with Andrew. That quickly turned into a romance. One that has never ended, in fact! Which, despite some controversy that surrounded the situation, SK supported 100%. Without her keeping my secrets and giving me the most practical, sound, do-what-YOU-want-and-stop-worrying-about-what-people-think advice I have ever received at the start of my relationship w/ Andrew, we might not be married today! I don't know if I have ever told her that :)
So, there you have it! Skate is the bestest friend I could have ever in a billion years asked for. I'm so thankful that she was uprooted from her life in Massachusetts to move to Ohio as a sophomore in highschool. I'm thankful that she decided to play lacrosse - otherwise who knows how we would have met! And I'll be forever thankful for the memories we have made - the kind that pop into my head at random and made me laugh out loud in class, or at work, or in the car... at the mere thought of them - and the memories we will make in the future! 

I'm still crossing my fingers and praying every night that our dreams of being country club moms in Hudson to our heard of adorable children will come to fruition... after all, how else are our first-born babies supposed to grow up and get married so we can spend every holiday together?!


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