November 15, 2011

Fall in our Little Home

Now that I've started putting up Christmas decorations, I suppose its about time I got around to showing you the fall decor we've been enjoying around our little abode for the past couple of months, eh?

The first thing to get an overhaul: pillows. The easiest, most inexpensive seasonal change to make in my opinion. I already had the red throw pillows, so I stocked up on a few purple ones (Target & Home Goods) to bring in some jewel toned accents. By keeping the rest of the room pretty neutral, I can change up the accents every few months without too much of a headache - I've done greens, browns, reds, yellows, and now purples. I'm still loving the red/purple combo so I'm going to see if I can weave in my Christmas decor without swapping out the purple pillows.

All of the green/brown decor got booted into the office/guest room. We hardly ever use this extra room but its still fun to change the scenery in there every now and then. And don't worry, only 4 of those 8 throw pillows are on display now ;)

For a living room centerpiece I repurposed a hurricane and place mat I already had, tossed in my collection of wine corks and some purple toned {and amazing smelling} potpourri. Easy and simple!

I updated the pictures of my sweet baby cousins. Put out a vase of red glass beads and white hydrangea's on a beaded autumn placement. And hung the ribbon wreath I made at GNI last fall.
Last but not least, I brought out all of my favorite fall scented candles! Pumpkin. Spice. And my personal fave, "Cran Slam." I have no idea why these Beanswax candles were discontinued. Its a crime, I tell ya! Thankfully I still come across these amazing soy candles every now and then at Home Goods or TJ and I scoop them up. All of them... This one is my personal fave! Or at least tied for the #1 spot with "The Great Pumpkin" - also to die for.

Sadly, half of these decorations have already been put back in the closet(s) for next fall because I got ants in my pants last week and started decorating for Christmas already! Since we don't spend Christmas in Atlanta (1 week to FL, 2 weeks to OH is this year's itinerary) I wanted to start getting some Christmas-y things out to enjoy for a few weeks before we head out of town.

A little early you say? Never ;)

On a related note... if you want your house to really be filled with the scents/tastes of fall, make these Pumpkin Pie Cookies. And add mini chocolate chips! So. Good.

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