December 5, 2010

Holiday baking... mmm

My mama and I went a little nuts with Thanksgiving pie baking this year. Actually... she baked the same things she always does - so I guess I'm the one who got a little carried away! But I wanted to try a couple of different variations on our holiday classics :) 

My first, and possibly favorite, addition to our Thanksgiving dessert line-up this year was a Brownie Pecan Pie. Y.U.M. I found this recipe on Bakerella and couldn't resist trying it. I don't get that excited about plain old pecan pie (although, my mom's is surely the best I've ever tasted) but this was a pie I could make again and again! So delish. And, more importantly, SO easy!
Looks like a regular pie... but there is an ooey, gooey brownie in the middle!
There are two versions of this pie on - one with a more "fudgey" brownie layer, and one with a more "cakey" brownie layer. I opted for the more cake-like filling... because I notoriously take my baked goods out of the oven a few minutes early, and it turned out perfect

My cute momma makes all of her pies - crust included - from scratch. She always brings 2 traditional pecan pies and 2 traditional pumpkin pies to my grandma's for dessert. They turned out, as always, perfect! She's a pro.
Mommy :)

MA's Punkin' Pies
Perfect Pecan Pies
And that little beauty to the right of her pretty pecans?? That would be my updated version of my favorite Pumpkin Pecan Cheesecake. Remember my dad's bday cake? Well, that was good... but this was better! I cheated a little (in the interest of time) and used a store-bought graham cracker crust. I used pumpkin butter instead of pumpkin puree in the filling... and topped it off with a pecan streusel! My very first streusel :) It. was. phenomenal. 
Perfection ;)

We had a fun mommy-daughter day in the kitchen whipping up a grand total of 7 pies! I was especially thankful to be in my mom's kitchen that day - nothing like going home to lots of extra counter space and double ovens when I've got the holiday baking bug! Can't wait to share the Christmas baking recipes I decide on after finals... yummm! And I really can't wait to get back home to my mama's kitchen :)

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  1. omg, i want one now. i voted. i am salivating. and starving. great. k, off to study.


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