November 11, 2011

Friday Not-So-Favorites... and a Wreath!

This post brought to you by husband's computer. Thanks babe! Oh wait, you don't even know I'm on here watching ABC shows and blogging... xo

My MacBook went into surgery yesterday afternoon. And after a long afternoon at the Genius Bar (and a whole lot of unnecessary shopping in between appointments and phone calls with my new genius friend Brad L.) it turns out, my little computer needs to be shipped off for repairs. Sad day.

The little guy won't turn on or charge... but I'm very thankful to Brad L. because even though he didn't answer my prayers - or fulfill the fortune cookie I got while chowing on food court Chinese food while waiting - he did manage to get my computer to turn on long enough for me to back it up before sending it off. YAY! So, fingers crossed I'll have it back sometime next week. Hang with me til then while I'm world's worst blogger ;)

In hopes of not polluting husband's computer with the same junk that probably led to the demise of mine {"someday" folders, blog pictures, etc.} I'll skip Friday Favorites and leave you with a little picture tutorial of the easiest, cheapest. CUTEST Pinterest-inspired fall wreath! I made it in my jammies on Sunday afternoon while husb watched football. Excuse the phone pics...

What you'll need:
FELT (I used 3 squares) 

 Using squares of felt, cut and hot glue rosettes in whatever colors you want. I varied the sizes of mine. And I chose colors based on what I thought looked "fall-y" and what would look good against our dark brown door. Here is a tutorial if you've never done this before: CLICK!

 Start the yarn wrapping by tying it in a simple knot around the foam wreath. Wrap your yarn - any kind/color - around the wreath until its completely covered. Don't worry about imperfections, they make it prettier. I actually went back around the wreath with some random, imperfect strands to add texture because I was too careful about wrapping it perfectly. Once your wreath is completely covered (should look something like the pic above) tie a knot to end the yarn and heat up your hot glue gun.

Lay out your felt rosettes however you want them arranged on the wreath. Then, start gluing! This is what the my end result looks like hanging on our door :) So simple... but something about it just looks cozy.

Total cost: $9.

Total time: 30 min.

I love it! If you're in the market for a fun fall wreath - or are just looking for a simple craft this weekend - make one!

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  1. Your front door is beautiful!! I'm addicted to Pinterest too. There's a group of us out there ;)


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