November 16, 2011

So What Wednesday

This "So What Wednesday" thing - where it really started, I couldn't tell ya - was introduced to me by Natalie and hers are seriously funny. Baby Chamblee + preggo momma makes for some hilarious "so what's" over on her blog. Sheila jumped on the bandwagon last week, along with a few other bloggers I love... so I thought I'd give it a whirl.

I don't promise that my posts will be half as funny (or as frequent) as theirs, but this lazy little last week of class I'm currently in has left me thinking "so what" to myself enough times in the past few days to justify a post.

  • I skipped my classes Monday. And Tuesday. Its the last week... I'm over it.
  • I ate a whole 12 oz. bag of Rollos this weekend and have to get a new one before Bible Study tonight.
  • I make the bed 5 min before husb gets home sometimes just so he thinks I was being domestic all day.
  • My car didn't move parking spots for 4 days in a row... (it moved last night, reluctantly).
  • The timer on my Christmas lights is confused - they turn on at 4 p.m., 8 p.m. and sometime around midnight. We can't figure it out.
  • I'm milking my toe injury {if you know me IRL, you know what I mean... blog-only friends, I'll spare you the details} so I don't have to work out. 10 days later.
  • I spend hours a day on looking at puppies. Husb said we aren't adopting one, but I just can't. let it. go. He could cave at any moment. Gotta be prepared!
That was fun :) What are you so-what-ing this week??

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