November 4, 2011

Friday Favorites

Woohoo! Paper was handed in last night (I felt a mixed sense of relief and nausea...). MPRE studying is going as well as can be expected. And I'm really just "woohoo-ing" because this miz week is almost OVER!

The only thing keeping me sane is reminding myself of all the fun things I have to look forward to:

- Girls Night - Monday (!!!)
- Home for Thanksgiving - 2.5 weeks
- FLORIDA - 6 weeks
- Christmassssss - 7 weeks

And hopefully we'll be squeezing in lots of other fun little things before the holidays! And lots of baby holding. I can't wait to get over and see baby Gia again :) I scheduled for my last semester of law school earlier this week -- that was a weird feeling! I'm soo ready for the home stretch. A cool internship + 2 classes should make for a stress-free 14 weeks. Can't. Wait. 

Enough about lame school. Onto some Friday Faves!
I love everything about this bathroom. Every single thing!

Make these. But make them with ROLLOS. You can thank me later ;) 

This is such great use of a small basement! A cozy, chic little cave. Would be perfect for the quaint historic house I daydream about! 

Pumpkin + Nutella mmm mmm. I MADE THIS this this week! (I get irrationally excited when I actually make things I find on Pinterest.) It is to die. *Spoiler alert: bringing a loaf to Girls Night*

Campfire cones?? Just when I thought s'mores couldn't get any better.
Despite having upwards of 700 things "pinned," I never find the time to sit down and actually make any of the great DIY ideas I file away for someday... Except for the desserts... I've probably baked half of the desserts I've pinned. Funny how that works out. But that's about to change! Let's just say that in anticipation of my school stress winding down this weekend, I have stocked up on (weeks ago) a zillion things I need to complete some Pinterest projects and finish up our fall/winter decor this weekend! Stay tuned...

Have a great weekend!

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