September 9, 2011

Friday Favorites

It fiiiinally is feeling like fall in Atlanta!!!  I mean, it was feeling that way for at least a few days. It'll be back up in the 80's this weekend and for as far into the forecast as I can see - but those early mornings this week where I headed out the door and was greeted by cool, crisp, 60-degree air were enough to get me excited for all things FALL!

The start of the NCAA and NFL football seasons also had me dreaming of autumn days and the scents of the season... husb and I even discussed arranging to have all of our future babies - all 8 of them. jk. - be born in the fall so that we have even more reasons to love it (as if we need it)! {side note: I know these aren't things most people have a whole lot of control over. Relax people, we were just daydreaming.}

This week was a good one, all things considered! I ate super healthy, got all most of my reading done for school, and feel pretty caught up on my life. For the most part. Proof that all weeks should only last 4 days.

I even had time to stalk the interwebs for all things fall, and have all the inspiration I need to start swapping out our apartment decor for festive fall stuff! Just in time for the weekend - TGIF!
Click here for an easy burlap bubble wreath tutorial - these are so cute! (And easy!!)

Pumpkin Fudge. I die.

A Pumpkin Party Cooler... only Martha, I swear. Great idea for fall entertaining!

DIY Pumpkin Topiary - perfect for front porches or apartment balconies!

These fall nail polish colors by Chanel are gorgeous! I'm a sucker for shades of purple, gray and taupe.

I LOVE FOOTBALL FOOD! These pizza bites are a great alternative to just ordering Pizza Hut on game day.
My to-do list is miles long, but I'm so excited to add some touches of fall to our home that I'm making room for a few extra errands this afternoon... I'll share some of my fall updates once I get things situated (and crafted!) like I did last year!

What do you guys do to add touches of fall to your homes?? I'd love to hear some of your easy, inexpensive ideas!

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  1. omg what color is your thumb in that nail photo? LOVE!


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