September 2, 2011

Friday Favorites

Remember all that nonsense I said about being better at time management this week? Well... I wasn't. But after turning in a 25-page article at 6:00 this evening that was consuming my life I swear I am about to get all caught up on life this weekend. This nice. long. sunny. lazy. weekend.

My poor husb is sick of my stress so he fully supports my decision to have a "me" weekend (as if he ever had a choice). Tomorrow after I get home from class I'm having some cleaning ladies come and "deep clean" my messy house. I'm having a watch-football-eat-pizza-drink-beer day on Saturday, and am getting a mani/pedi with a galfriend. At some point I plan on rejuvenating my summer tan. And of course, since there are 3 days in this weekend, I'll be eating mass amounts of bacon.

I love clean houses, fresh mani/pedis, football, sunshine...... and bacon.

I also love these Friday Favorites :)
I keep meaning to make one of these jewelry organizers. It's on my to-do list... via

S'mores Cupcakes. Is this real life?? via

Nutella Mug Cake. Supposedly these only take 5 min to make... I plan to find out for myself. via

This is a pretty, easy to DIY wreath to transition from summer to fall. I like. via

How cute are these choc covered strawberries?! Looks like something Martha Stewart would bring to a tailgate. via

Its never too early to start thinking ahead to Christmas. I love these burlap stockings! via
I need an uninterrupted 12ish hours of sleep before my brain can function properly, so I won't ramble on anymore - for fear of what nonsense I might bore you with next, I'm calling it a week! You're welcome.
Have a great, long, relaxinggg Labor Day weekend!

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  1. Just made the yarn wreath! Thanks for the idea! Sorry we never hooked up while we were in Georgia! It ended up going by so fast and I felt confined to the hotel with the little ones and that southern heat! Hopefully we can connect another time!!


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