September 7, 2011

Raw Update!

Food for Life distributes food on an internati...By Tuesday afternoon (~48 hours into my raw food diet) I was feeling really. really. really. tired. Like, all I wanted was to take a nap. That lasted all day. Husb thought maybe I wasn't eating enough nuts for this whole raw diet thing, so he said I might not be getting enough protein, something about blood sugar (?!) yadda yadda I'm-good-at-nutrition-cause-I'm-almost-a-doctor babble.

So, he suggested I might need to bend my own rules and have a few egg whites. Being the food loving obedient wife that I am... I took his advice. I scrambled up 3 egg whites and felt like a new woman! Then, went back to raw for the rest of Tuesday and most of Wednesday.

By the time bible study rolled around at 7:00 on Wednesday, I was feeling like I could really use some carbs. I was starting to feel lethargic again... I had worked out twice already since starting this raw diet, and most actual raw food cleanses/detoxes/whatevers suggest very minimal (if any) exercise during whatever duration you choose to eat all raw, vegan - especially when your body isn't used to it. Soo since Natalie's cooking smelled and looked so good I had a little of her yummy pasta. Totally not as much as I normally would have scarfed down though ;)

Long story short, I plan to be back to raw-only foods through the rest of the week and will have a few plain, scrambled egg whites if I start to feel like I'm draggin' again. I don't want to stress out my body just for the sake of saying "I ate raw foods and nothing else all week!" Who cares?

I still haven't decided yet whether I want to continue this thing through the weekend and beyond - I'm thinking about modifying my diet to more of a "V Before 6" type of diet for the next week or so, because my goal here is to eat healthier, more natural, close to the earth foods and to really up my fruit and veggie intake - not necessarily to be a raw foodie. Decisions, decisions...

Anyway, that's the update - I'll keep ya posted!

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