September 22, 2011


This post, much like my week has been, is pretty pointless. Consider yourselves warned.

I have been running around like a crazy lady this week crossing off pointless to-do's from my mile long list.  Some of the things weren't so pointless (like pay bills, buy groceries) but most were frivolous (ie: find fall boots, buy party supplies for a shower three weeks away, and schedule hubbs a dentist appt). But mostly I just putzed around. I wasted hours upon hours browsing for things I knew I wasn't going to actually buy.

But, the fruits of my {pointless} labor turned out to actually amount to some pretty useful stuff. So, naturally, I felt the need to share. With a little help from my iPhone :)
Poor husband's adjusting table has become the decoration/supply table for little Gia's baby shower... my pointless errand running this week included picking up the paper products and PINK solo cups for the keg. The boys will love those, I'm sure.

This "Cinnamon Broom" is unreal. Ugly? Maybe. I tried to hide it in a corner w/ some other dried floral stuff. But my whole house smells like CHRISTMAS! (Too soon?) It literally is the most fragrant thing I've ever found. And for only $3.99! I made a special Kroger trip just for this sucker after smelling it at a friend's house this weekend.

Scored a unnecessary cute, casual pair of fall flats today... and got the 30% of clearance price even though they were put back in the wrong place. And in 2 diff sizes. Those DSW workers are saints I tell ya. I wasn't looking for these at all. But for 30% off, why not?

I made a detour during my cinnamon broom Kroger trip and found myself in the dairy aisle. This wasn't on my list of things to buy - because its not organic, and its not non-dairy - but it looked like heaven so I had to grab it. Along w/ $39 worth of other items I can't find at Whole Foods due to them being over-processed and likely poisonous buttttt life is short. And this stuff tastes amazing.

This is the mounting pile of goodies I've bought so far for our friends' baby girl. I think I'm addicted. I just can't stop! Everything is so itty bitty and pink and cute and has ruffles on the butt and.......... no, I don't have baby fever. But I'm realizing that it would be a travesty if I don't have at least ONE girl. One day, but hopefully not today ;)  

Speaking of girls. And babies. And how I swear on Bella's life I am not trying to have one of my own. I couldn't resist this outfit for our Goddaughter at Nordstrom Rack today... pink + Polo + argyle on a little butter bean is just too much cuteness to resist. We get to see her chubby cheeks in 4 weeks and we can't wait!!!
See? I might have wasted hours of time and hundreds of dollars running these nonsensical errands I invented but I wound up with a bunch of pink, girly, semi-necessary baby stuff....... and our house smells like cinnamon.

I just talked myself out of regretting the wasted time and lack of schoolwork. Perfect! I'll stop now, because if anyone is still reading you surely don't have many brain cells left to spare :)

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  1. THAT'S THE CREAMER I'M OUT OF and can't find anywhere! hence the no coffee or BP coffee cups!!!!!! but after that paragraph that went with it, shoot dang, i dunno if i want it at all


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