November 12, 2010

World's most EXPENSIVE "free" kitten

Our little princess was *free* when we got her. But the chick has cost us an arm and a leg ever since! Never mind the ridiculous toys, collars, kitty fingernail covers, pink carriers and grooming we waste $ on. I'm talking like legitimate costs. Bella - we love you, but you have got to be, hands down, the world's most expensive free kitten!

I convinced Andrew that the first couple months of pet-ownership would be the only expensive vet bills (check-ups, shots, deworming, etc.)... but omg was I wrong! Here are a few of the ailments poor Bella has been treated for this past year:

Ear mites???
A cold?!
Loose stools.......
1 year later... another round of boosters and shots.

The little nugget had to get 2 shots today - in her booty - plus had her temp taken from her little rear end. I dreaded this day all week... it has got to be more painful for me than for her. I truly do not know how I will handle doing this with real human babies someday! Our pathetic little kitty kitty is totally wiped from her shots... and totally doesn't trust her mama after this afternoon's trauma. But she is on the mend :) $159 later...

She plays in my grocery bags...

Naps in my actual bags...

Eats and plays with my home decor...

But she is SO fun to dress up :) Here is our Halloween Flower!

And we just love her to pieces!!!
 Bella girl, you are worth every penny! Without you, our home would feel empty and our lives would be incomplete :) xoxo


  1. My cat recently cost me a pair of goggles!
    I know it doesn't compare.

    Nice to meet you from the blog hop.

  2. Following you from Friendly Friday. =)
    Great blog!
    Take care,


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