November 1, 2010

Closet Flip

One of the not-so-fun realities of changing seasons, is the closet flip. In our house, we have two sizable walk-in closets, but one happens to be in the guest bedroom... so rather than do the logical thing (logical = Andrew takes the guest closet, and gives me free reign of the master closet!) we are cramming both of our wardrobes into ONE of the walk-ins and using the second closet for formal wear, the vacuum cleaner, ironing board, and other random wedding gifts that have yet to find a rightful place in our itty bitty home! Oh yea, and it is also stacked floor to ceiling with plastic bins of off-season clothing! 

So last weekend, we spent the better part of our Saturday pulling out box upon box of fall/winter clothes and replacing our summer/spring wardrobe with sweaters, boots, scarves and turtlenecks. I expected the closet flipping process to be not-so-fun, but what I didn't anticipate was the not-so-fun glances, groans and hoarding lectures I would get from my hubby! Andrew was appalled at the sheer volume of clothing and shoes I possessed - I forgot that the first time I unloaded my wardrobe in our newlywed closet he was still up in Ohio :) This was his first true glimpse of my clothes, shoes and accessories. His "side" of the closet took about 30 min to switch over... but you better believe that he sat on the bed and watched me shove, cram, and wad up in balls my "side" (side and 3/4 to be exact) for 3 consecutive hours if for no other reason than to be able to tell me at the end of the grueling process that he doesn't want to hear me tell him I need to go shopping EVER again!!!

I won't post any "before" pictures... because frankly they are just too embarrassing to share! Here is the finished product:
Andrew's "side" - my pants share the bottom bar with his haha - and he insisted that his sweaters be folded but refused to share the hanging bar above!!
The best I could do w/ my scarves since Andrew wouldn't share his hanging bar...
These shoe racks may (seriously) never be removed from this closet after the smashing and shoving it took to get them in!
My side, my scarves, my bins, and my shelf! Whew! Thank God for our dresser...
I will say, despite his disgust with the amount of clothing I own (and can't bear to part with) my hubbs has kept the closet much tidier now that he has invested some of his own blood, sweat and tears into the organization of it! Makes me wish I had made this a joint-effort sooner! That is, until he decides on our next shopping trip that I really don't neeeed a separate pair of brown boots to fit each of these requirements: one pair with a pointed toe and spiky heel, one with a rounded toe and chunky heel, and another pair that is flat and slouchy.
Until then, I'm just enjoying the change of color and scenery in our closet and its new (and likely, short-lived) organization :)

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