November 18, 2010

These days.

This is what my life has looked like for the past week...
Double yuck.
 And it will, no doubt, only get uglier/messier/frazzled-er as the days go on! I'll be spending my weekend studying... then early next week I'll transport myself and my study outlines back to Ohio for Thanksgiving "break." (I think its cruel to even call this a break. Cruel and rude.) I start finals the Monday after Thanksgiving (see? rude, I told ya), and my finals will finally end on December 9th at which time I plan to do nothing but this for the remainder of my real winter break:
How cozy does Miss Bella look?!
 I hope that all of your Thanksgiving holidays look much more like the latter :)
On a slightly brighter note - at 5:15 today I will be 50% done with my law school classes. That is 1/2. Halfway done (aside from passing the final exams of course) with law school! EVER! Woo!!! I'm starting to see the light at the end of this long, dark, agonizing tunnel...

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  1. You think that's a mess? you should see my work desk mid-week! :)
    I love the fresh flowers on the table!


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