November 8, 2010

Weekend Recap

Our weekends have gotten progressively less eventful as the semester/quarter goes on... Unfortunately, its that time of year where I have to get serious about school after 12, give or take, weeks of just sliding by. I had big plans for this weekend - plans to get started on class outlines and read ahead for the week, in hopes of starting my finals studying early enough to really enjoy my Thanksgiving "break." But! True to my procrastinating ways, I didn't do any of those things. So here I am on Monday, scrambling to catch up instead of get ahead... and what am I doing? Looking at pictures from weeks past and wishing that every weekend could be so fun :)
Whiskey Blue a couple weekends ago

The boys who are lucky to have us... just ask them ;)
This weekend wasn't a total loss, though. We babysat my favorite little cuties on Friday night (they LOVE "Mr. Andrew" so he was a trooper and tagged along for a night of ninjas, chocolate milk and dirty diapers!), went to dinner with friends on Saturday, and watched the Browns beat the Patriots on Sunday - which, truth be told, would have been the highlight of even the rowdiest, fun-packed weekend in Andrew's book! - and lounged around at home watching our fave Sunday night TV shows. So while our weekend looked a little more like this than most others...
Cutest Batman I've ever seen!

We had some low-key fun, and thanks to "fall back" I feel well-rested and ready to tackle the rest of my crazy busy week! Sometimes I just need to remind myself to stop thinking forward to when our hard work will pay off - and enjoy the here and now! No matter now mundane it sometimes feels. Because really, its not so bad ;) Now, back to work!!!


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  3. What a fun weekend!

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