November 15, 2010

Day dreaming...

There is something about this time of year {finals are quickly approaching time} that kicks my ADD into overdrive! I find myself doing everything but what I am supposed to be doing... my mind begins to wander, and my thoughts turn from bankruptcy law and the federal rules of evidence to something more along the lines of this:
  • What fun things should I start planning for our winter break?
  • Should I send out Christmas cards this year?
  • If I do, what picture would I use? 
  • What card pattern... maybe I should check some out online...
  • I haven't sent my mom any Christmas ideas.
  • What do I want for Christmas this year?
  • I need a dress for New Year's Eve...
  • What happened to that apple pie recipe I wanted to try next week?
  • Oooh! Pioneer Woman has some amazing recipes for Thanksgiving! I'll save them. All. 
And... that was just this morning. But this weekend, my most productive (ha) distraction was searching for my "dream home." I love looking through's listings of houses for sale in our home town, and I just day dream about what our first house will be -- what my kitchen will look like, whether I'll have a white picket fence, will it be historic like I have always envisioned?, will I get my dream of hardwood floors throughout every single room?

The day that we can move back home with our family is still a few years away, but I am hoping and praying that this house - or one equally darling - will be for sale (and within our *imaginary* budget!) when moving time really does come! I have never seen a historic house that screams "ME! ME! ME!" more than this quaint, adorable, historic little home! I would honestly not change a single thing about this house if it were mine... which is something I have never said before! How cute - seriously?!
This has "my first house" written all over it!
Perfect. Right down to the chandelier and hydrangeas!
So quaint and cozy!
Even a chandy in the bedroom?! I'm in love.
I'm even obsessed with the laundry room - that says a lot!
For a house built in 1889, this is an amazing master bath!
I have always (not exaggerating) dreamed of a room w/ red walls :)
Perfectly updated, but still tons of character!
I'm obsessed with the era of this home, and love that the owners did such an amazing job of updating it without losing the historic character! Yes, yes I'm aware that historic homes require a lot of upkeep and maintenance that new homes do not {my parents' home is also very old} but it is a trade off I would be more than willing to make in order for my first home to be thissss perfect

There are plenty of other historic homes that go up for sale now and then in our little home town, but there is only one other that I know of that has captured my heart the way this one has! I have saved screen shots of every. single. room. in this house and filed them away in my "Someday" folder on my computer desktop. So, now you know where my easily distracted brain will be drifting between now and December 9th :) 

Now that I've dreamed up my first home and found its exact location, lot size, and approximated property taxes... I guess I can get back to studying criminal law and domestic relations so that I {hopefully} have a paycheck that will support all of my dreams and wishes!

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