January 2, 2012

Christmas 2011


That about sums up our Christmas this year! I'll let these pictures speak for themselves...
Growing family! Sisters + Husband + Fiance :)

Sweet little Goddaughter Rylie

Cat calendar from my sister to Andrew hahaha...

Husb's wrapping job........ bless his heart.

My little family

Christmas day!

Merry merry! We have a few days left to spend in Ohio relaxing with family, then we head back to Atlanta, and school, and all the busyness that goes with it! We've been enjoying every moment of sleeping in (way late...) and spending time with our fam. I've been pretty lazy about documenting with pictures, but I'm sure I'll have a few more posts worth of pics by the time we head back down south!

As much as I have loved reading all of your New Year's resolutions in the past few days -- I'm skipping those in 2012. In my case, they almost never stick. And let's be honest, every year for the past handful of years #1 on the list has always involved weight loss or exercise of some sort haha. I want to keep working toward being a better wife, living a simpler and more joyful life, and all that good stuff........ but I'm not calling them "resolutions." Just life goals... a work in progress!

Hope you rang in the new year with some good friends and a whole lotta fun! Happy 2012!

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  1. It looks like you had a great Christmas! I actually am pretty sure I saw you at church (while everyone was scrambling to find a seat!) but yes, I was in the bathroom when I missed you- good guess :) Jon told me that he ran into you guys! Such a bummer we couldn't see you in person. Maybe next year when we're both in Hudson at the same time again we'll run into you :)


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