January 10, 2012

Catching Up

I'm almost caught up y'all!

The laundry is clean and almost all put away.
There are groceries in the fridge. Butter-free, sugar-free groceries! Hallelujah.
I started my last semester and my internship yesterday (still sans 1 text book...).
The Christmas decorations came down this morning. Until next year, Griswolds of Buckhead.
And I penciled in a few yoga classes this week that I will try *so hard* to get to!

It feels good to get back into our little routine. We're still figuring out who is home to make dinner on which nights, and what time we need to set our alarms for each morning. With any luck, I hope to show up at the right place on the right days without referring to my planner (hourly) after next week! My weeks look a lot like this: class, externship, class, work, class, externship, externship, class, work, externship..... work? No more than 2 of the 3 on any given day, but on Thursdays I will have to yo-yo back and forth between class-externship-class all in the same day. Confused yet???? Me too.

Enough of that. Onto some more fun things! There are some exciting things happening 'round here in the next couple of months! We're planning a little engagement get-together to celebrate two of our dear friends...

Sheila's bridal shower and bachelorette festivities are quickly approaching (eeek!!)... there is LOTS still to be planned and to do, but its all coming together and her *big day* will be here before we know it!

And we are desperately trying to get a 25th birthday weekend getaway for Andrew and my bff on the calendar so that we can (obviously) celebrate their BIG 25th birthdays!! This would be a dream ~ I could 1) hang with my 2 favorite people on the planet all weekend long and 2) meet her fiance!!!!! Ya, I said it... she's marrying someone I've never even met. In-sane, right? Hope I like him. Otherwise the wedding is totally off (kidding of course). I sorta kinda know him already anyway. We text... that counts. SK has great taste in everything - I'm sure her choice of a man to spend the next 70ish years with is no different ;)
Any guesses where we're going? ;)
I also have a few fun DIY nursery projects in the works for my SIL's nursery - will try to get a tutorial put together on the stuff I think is worth re-creating - and an update or 2 for you as to what we got accomplished in there while I was home for break! Lots of excitement. Lots of ADD on my part... but I'm trying to cut myself some slack and just get things done in order of importance (aka: imminence), one thing at a time!

Glad to be back... back to life - blogging, too! - as usual after a holiday hiatus! Hope your 2012 is off to a great start ~ looking forward to following along with you all this year!

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