January 20, 2012

Friday Favorites

Fridays are usually the best... this one, unfortunately, is no fun. I came down with a weird head cold yesterday. The left side (and only the left side... somehow...) of my face has a cold. My left nostril is runny/stuffy/feels like I need to sneeze 24/7. And my left eye won't stop watering. The watering is making it look like my left eye is also 1/3 of the size of my right eye... so unattractive. I'll spare you pics of this lopsidedness, but just believe me when I say it ain't pretty!

To make matters worse, our cable and internet haven't been working since MONDAY! Seriously, what's a sick day without TV?! Its 2012 and I'm living like I'm Amish (plus electricity, thank God for that) and I'm currently waiting on my couch for a NEW cable and internet provider to show up. Because when things stop working around here, I don't fix them... I fire them. Oh really, Comcast? You can't come fix our broken stuff for 4 days? Ok thats too bad I'll just have to switch to AT&T because you annoy the heck out of me! Bonus: We'll get DVR in every room and save $33/month. Soooo there. Fired.

Sorry for the rant. I think its the sinus cold meds talking......... Enjoy these Friday faves, because they took approx. 20 min to upload thanks to the 2 measly bars of internet I'm currently enjoying courtesy of our apartment business center across the pool :)
Great way to save Christmas cards to look at year after year! And great for people like me who hoard the cards rather than toss them when a new one arrives the following December.....

Prettiest little Blueberry Cheesecake... I love the rich color!

These have been re-pinned a zillion times so they must be amazing... Peanut Butter Cup Brownies!

I should toss in one favorite unrelated to food, right?? Hinged canvas to hide ugly wall stuff! Smart!

Tres Leches Caketini......... need this. Now!
On my agenda for the weekend: regain normalcy in the left half of my face (and hopefully stop dripping weird fluids out of my nose/eye!), take down the decorations from last weekend's engagement party, and become bffs with the DVR that should be arriving annny moment now! I've never had DVR so I'm giddy over the thought of getting to watch shows when I want to rather than when they air! Any good ones I should start recording?! Leave me a comment and let me know!

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