January 13, 2012

Friday Favorites

Let's call this one Friday Favorites: iPhone Pics from Ohio Edition

(Aka Friday Favorites: Pressed for Time Edition)

Getting into the swing of our new school/work routine each semester usually takes a week or so... but we're adjusting! I have to get the house cleaned up and some food/drinks/decorations prepared for tomorrow's Engagement fiesta soo I'm sort of skimping out on the Friday Faves post!
Pretty kitty loved her Grandma's Christmas decorations

My favorite street in every season

Back of the dress my sister chose for her BMs to wear! (diff color)... Obsessed!

Gingerbread House display @ Cleveland Botanical Gardens w/ my mama

Picture of our sweet, beautiful Champ taken years and years ago :(

My parents' house after a fresh snow fall 

World's cutest downtown on the planet

Husb checking out the view of Lake Erie on our neighborhood hunting adventure
These pictures make me miss Ohio already! However... the freezing cold and snow flurries we are currently experiencing in Atlanta makes me feel like I'm already back! Brrr!

Have a fantastic weekend -- stay warm!!!

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