October 26, 2011

Ohio Visit

Last week we flew back to Ohio for a long weekend. In that short period of time we managed to see 4 parents, 3 siblings, 2 grandparents, 2 aunts, 1uncle, 9 cousins, and a handful of friends who are still living in/around our home town. Phew. It was busy... but fun! We celebrated my dad's 54th birthday, got to meet Rylie - our sweet, roly poly Goddaughter - for the very first time, and celebrated the marriage of our family friends!

Visits home are always exhausting and hectic - but thats just how it goes when you're the out-of-towners! When we eventually move back closer to family and friends we'll be old news and our time won't be in such high demand I'm sure ;)

This is a busy little week for me -- papers to write and the MPRE to study for -- and since I didn't take any pics (ugh, why do I suck at taking pictures?!) of our fun-filled Ohio weekend, I'll share a couple I snagged from my sister and then I'll get back to work!
Happy Birthday Bri!

Heading into the reception w/ my handsome hubbs
Chubby little nugget blowing raspberries :) 
Putting the amount of work I have to do over the next week into words will put me into full out panic mode, so I'll spare you the details! Paper time.

Ready, set... go.

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