October 24, 2011


After 2 years of only making our way back to Ohio in July (when the leaves are obviously green) and late November for Thanksgiving (when the leaves are dead and fallen)... I finally got my fix last weekend of fall foliage in the Midwest!

The beautiful fall colors are my favorite part of Ohio autumns. In fact... That is probably the only thing about Ohio this time of year I really love. The cold, the gray, the rain - intolerable. But occasionally the clouds part and the sun peeks out for a day - or more realistically, an hour - and I can appreciate the colors of the changing leaves.

I'm glad I got a peek at the fall colors before heading back down south! While our leaves down here might not be quite as pretty, I'm willing to trade the colorful tree decorations for 77 degree temps well into October annny day! :)

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