October 17, 2011

Baby Shower: Little Details

I swear this will be the last baby shower post! I figured I'd share some of the little details and decorations because they were {mostly} DIY and definitely inexpensive!

First up, card stock bunting. Using a spool of ribbon, about 10 sheets of random pink/black/white patterned card stock, scissors and a glue stick I made this cute decorative bunting to hang around the house. It was a really subtle addition to the shower, but it added some PINK to the house and was a cute touch.

I cut out symmetrical diamonds from the sheets of card stock and folded the crease over the ribbon before gluing. This made it so the little triangles could slide along the ribbon since I wasn't going to be hanging or positioning the card stock until the day of the shower (since it wasn't at our house). I cut and pasted while we watched a movie so it didn't seem as tedious. But it did take an hour or so.
Total Cost: ~$10

Another small, inexpensive way I decorated the house was with light and hot pink gerbera daisies in mason jars. I bought the flowers fresh the morning of the shower, cut them down to size and tied a simple white ribbon around each jar.
Because the shower wasn't confined to a party room or an enclosed space, 8 of these jars (found them in sets of 4 at Target) with just a couple stems of daisies were an inexpensive, easy was to add a pop of pink to the mantle, food and dining tables, and the deck without having to really "decorate" every room of the house! They also doubled as "favors" since we sent one home with the friends who hung around through the evening for a bonfire. The rest brightened up the momma-to-be's house for another week after the shower, and the jars can be reused for just about anything!
Total Cost: $26

In place of games - because none of us are big fans of shower games - I set out these cute "Wishes for Baby" cards (click here for free printable template) and a stack of diapers for "Diaper Thoughts" (idea found: here) that doubled as a fun activity {especially for the boys after a few drinks... we all got a good laugh when they read their "answers" aloud!} and another subtle way to decorate.

I picked up these pink frames in a pack of 3 at Target and left them for Tony and Danielle to use in Gia's room or wherever else they want once they get some pictures of their baby girl. I had the cards printed on heavy card stock at Kinkos so that they could be saved for Gia's baby book or just to look back at and get a good laugh down the road ;)
Total Cost: $15

Aside from these decorations, the only real decorating we had to do to turn their house into a baby shower was stick a few pink balloons outside, stack the beautifully packaged gifts in the living room, hang a few pink tissue paper poms ($8 at Party City) from the dining room light fixture and display the desserts and paper products! Luckily, I had a glass cake stand and cupcake tier to help make the desserts a decoration of their own. And the pink patterned cups, napkins and plates made the food table a giant decoration of its own!
That's it! It wasn't over-the-top decorated, but it was just perfect for a coed shower and a party planner on a budget! Everything turned out just right... but most importantly, it was a fun day filled with lots of gifts and celebration for the sweet little girl who should be making her debut any day now!

We're all waaaaiiitttting, Gia Mae!

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  1. I absolutely love baby showers. So exciting to celebrate new life. The colors and details are awesome!


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