October 7, 2011

Friday Favorites

This week was a really busy one. Lots of last minute baby shower prep and errand running..... and BAKING! Oh ya, and 2 papers due (whaaa? come on law school. don't ya know I've got a party to plan??) I literally cannot wait to post all the pictures of stuff for the shower - but I'll wait until after the big day {tomorrow!} so you can see how it all comes together!

Its safe to say that if I don't see one more pink thing for a year -- it would still be too soon! Pink cookies. Pink bunting. Pink cupcakes. Pink baby bathtubs. Pink nighties. Pink tissue paper. Pink blankets. Pink..... you get the picture. But Baby Gia is one lucky little lady - all of this shower stuff is a.dor.able :)

To save my sanity (and my vision... I'm now convinced that too much pink hurts my eyes) I had to peruse some non-pink, non-baby things this week too! Some of these faves are from - where else - Pinterest, but a couple are favorites that recently showed up in my own home! Crazy how that happens.
This weather has me daydreaming of cozy outdoor living spaces like this one! I love that the seating is covered... perfect for when we move back to the Midwest.

While we're on the subject of "someday" houses... I need this window seat. 

I hate Halloween. Always have (minus the candy part, duh). But I love pumpkins. So this is some Halloween-ish/harvesty decor I can live with!

This guy isn't from Pinterest. Its from Ulta. And its currently on my head! Tresemme Dry Shampoo ... life changing, I tell you.

And these beauties are from DSW... and they now live in my closet in a size 6.5 :)  The chunky heel is super comfy, and they are such a good blend of casual and cute. Definitely more "me" in person than in this pic.
Hope you all have an awesome weekend! 

Cross your fingers for me that the baby shower goes off without a hitch tomorrow - and check back next week for pictures of my DIY invitations, decorations and desserts!

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  1. That house is gorgeous and those boots are so cute!



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