July 21, 2011

My Husb the Chef

I have been really slacking in the cooking department lately. Did you notice? No recipe posts in ages! The reason for that is... I haven't been doing much of the cooking recently. Or any, for that matter. I'm in an anti-cooking slump, so husb has really picked up my slack! Now if only I could get him to take pictures for the blog while he cooks..... I won't push my luck :)

Up until last week, my days were consumed with work and my evenings were filled with a combination of exercising (eh, sometimes), online class, and other work. The last thing I wanted to do was waste an hour in the kitchen just to eat my mediocre dinner at 8:30. Insert: husband of the year. Andrew has been cooking 2-3 dinners a week lately. Which leaves me with approximately 1 night of cooking since we rarely have dinners at home on weekends. A-maz-ing I tell you!

Here are a few of the dinners husb came up with and created all by himself:
  • Ranch and Blue Cheese Stuffed Buffalo Chicken Breasts
  • Spinach and Feta Stuffed Chicken
  • Bison and Refried Bean Burritos
  • Sloppy Joes ;)
  • Chicken and Risotto
  • Homemade Gluten Free Buffalo Chicken Pizza {are you seeing a trend?}
These are just a few that I can think of right now, but there were plenty more. Impressed? I am!!! It is seriously the cutest when I walk in the door to find him making a mess of the kitchen. He tries to play it cool but I can tell just how proud he is of himself that I am coming home to a ready-to-eat dinner :) In hopes that this trend continues now that my class is over (and way way beyond...) I'm trying to be the best sous chef I can be on nights when I have the time/energy - aka I whip up a quick salad or side to go with his dinner, or I just clean everything up without too much complaining. So far, so good.

So that husb knows how much I appreciate him, and so that he doesn't think I plan to be a slacker in the domestication department forever, I plan on making some really great dinners next week so stay tuned for some recipes and fun food stuff ~ and I also have some big baking plans for this weekend!

I'm so thankful to have a helpful husband. When life gets busy, its nice to know that I have a partner in life who is willing to step in and pick up my slack in the kitchen - and everywhere else! We're far from experts on marriage, but we've come a long way in the past {nearly} 2 years and I feel really good about the routine and the roles we have settled into.

Hubbs - thank you for being awesome! All the rest of you - thanks for reading ;)

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