July 22, 2011

Friday Favorites

This week went really fast from about Sunday-Wednesday. And then draggggged for some reason.

It could have been the 2 poop explosions I dealt with on Thursday (TMI, sorry) that had me bathing a baby before I even finished my morning coffee.

Or it could have been our trip to the zoo with a couple of toddlers in the 104 degree Atlanta heat.

Or it could have been the sore throat and head cold that hit me like a brick wall roughly 24 hours after the baby sneezed in my eyes - true story.

My guess? An ugly combination of all of the above. As much as I love watching the kiddos I babysit, this week was a friendly reminder that I am not ready for mom-hood quite yet. I know, I know, its different when they are your own blah blah blah. But dirty diaps and snot rockets don't get cuter just because the little animal came from your body, I don't care what you say!

Here are some Friday Favorites that have nothing - or at least very, very little - to do with children. Amen.
I love the idea of a bench in my kitchen someday! via

Something about this pretty blue makes me want a blue/white guest room. via

This HOTlanta weather calls for daily ICED coffee. I betcha it tastes better in a mason jar... via

Lemon cupcakes w/ raspberry buttercream frosting... Perfect summer cupcake? I think yes. via

I know I said no babies. But I love this red(ish) and white nursery theme! Girly + Chic. via

I have been saving wine corks for years. Now I love finding useful things to do w/ them! via
That's all I've got today, friends. I'm hoping to recoup from my diaper changing trauma over the weekend and will be working on kicking this cold in the butt before the start of another week of babies and boogies. Something tells me after a little baking spree tomorrow morning and probably a few more iced coffees I'll be feeling much better :)

Happy Friday!

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  1. Hey Emily! I know this is so random considering we mostly only knew "of" each other in school but I somehow randomly realized you had a blog and have been enjoying reading your fun posts about decorating and recipes and your life in Atlanta...looks like you and Andrew are having a great time!


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