April 14, 2011

Springy Style

Spring can be a weird season to dress for. When is too soon for sandals? White pants? Straw hats? How late is too late to still be wearing boots? Wool? Normally I dread spring shopping... and generally just avoid it all together. I go from basically winter to summer when it comes to my wardrobe. But not this year, my friends! I'm loving these spring trends from some of my favorite (and most affordable) stores!
Bright, flirty skirts! White pants! Horizontal stripes - in nautical colors! Sleeveless dresses! Straw hats and belts, omg. I am gravitating toward outfits that are school/work/play appropriate these days. The more versatile, the more I love it! These are all outfits that fit into just about any budget - even mine! - and can be found at Ann Taylor, Loft, Gap and Banana Republic :)

This just got me really excited for birthday shopping! Now if only I can muster up the patience to wait for gift $$$...

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