April 8, 2011


Its almost my birthday! Its almost my biiirthday!!!

Birthdays have always been a big deal in my family... probably too big at times (one year I think I had like 6 parties. excessive you say? yes, I'm aware.) but that is the last thing I'd ever complain about! The over-the-top birthday celebrations continued well into my teen years, and sadly in my early 20s not much has changed :) The husb loves it... not. When we first started dating he indulged me and went along with the ridiculousness of "birthday month" but now that we are married {and getting to be ages that are somewhat less exciting}, he has reigned me in a bit. We now do "birthday week." Fine by me - just so long as he doesn't try to abbreviate my celebrations any more as the years go on!

Here is what I have learned about birthdays in my (nearly) 24 years of life:
- They get less and less fun as you move farther away from your 21st.
- Parties are no longer the norm, they are actually almost embarrassing... until you hit 30 or the dreaded 5-0.

Now that I'm a big girl I go out and buy most of my "needs" as I, well, need them. Like, if I need new sneakers? Why wait for a birthday, just buy them. Need new bathing suits? Order some. The wants are the things I try my hardest to save for Christmas and birthdays,  but when the time comes around to actually compile the list of things I've been ogling for months --- I draw a blank! Or as the case may be... my list has grown so long that I can't even narrow it down. This year, I'm plagued with having to narrow down. Here are some of the "wants" currently on my wish list:
I've been crushing on two-toned Michael Kors watches for months. Ever since my sister got one at Christmas I have thought it was the cutest most versatile little accessory! Add to that the fact that I have to use my cell phone as a watch (gets annoying) and the great price... and I think this sucker just might have moved into the #1 slot on my list!
 I have heard nothing but rave reviews about this Nars blush in Orgasm! Sheila wears it, and she is basically my make-up guru since I am c.l.u.e.l.e.s.s when it comes to cosmetics... but now that I know my reality TV idol Emily Maynard wears it - I am obsessed! The $27 price tag makes me cringe, but I could justify it as a gift rather than an everyday purchase.
I just may have to have this perfume. Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh = heavenly! I first caught a whiff of this stuff while I was flipping through the pages of a magazine, and when it got Andrew's stamp of approval I knew it was just meant to be my summer fragrance! He is super picky about my perfumes, but this is one we both agreed smells amazing... its light, and floral-y, and just screams "SUMMER!"
This Kate Spade beauty definitely goes in the I-want-you-but-totally-don't-need-you category of my wish list. Kate teases me with emails almost daily, and today I found this gem in my in-box for 25% off the already low sale price! Teal is not usually my favorite accent color, but this bag is so fun and springy, and I'm just really liking that it is a great bag for a great value!

One of these gift cards would also be much appreciated as I am finding that my warm weather work wardrobe is somewhat lacking. It would be nice to cutesie up my summer clothes now so that I'm not sweating to death in cardigans in the sweltering Georgia heat that will hit me like a brick wall any day now.
I'm also hoping for a charm of his choice from the hubbs to add to my Pandora bracelet and, of course, a fancy pants romantic birthday dinner date! As a rule, I send my wish list to Andrew first and let him have first pick of what he wants to get me. Sometimes he wants to be creative and come up with his own ideas, and other times he appreciates the not-so-subtle hints I drop.

Lucky for me, I have lots of special people in my life who are asking for my wish list... so while I might not get everything on there, I know that I will end up with at least a few of the goodies on my list and will undoubtedly be flooded with lots of love via text, card, call and email from the people who mean the most to me on my bday. And if I've learned nothing else in my 24 years, its that the latter is what will really make this birthday special! Gifts from my list would just be the icing on my (cheese)cake :)


  1. I just got the nars blush and LOVE IT! I got the blush and bronzer combo and have been so very pleased. Sheila also made the recommendation to me, too.

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