April 11, 2011

Blogs + Coffee = Love

I don't love my own blog... in fact, most days I hate that I even have it. But I have come to realize that I love reading other blogs! Some of the most peaceful "me" moments as of late have revolved around me sipping a cup of coffee while catching up on my favorite blogs. I have some new favorites, and some old favorites, and here a mix of both that I have enjoyed most lately:

My blog reading has led me to a few conclusions about myself: 1.) I am extremely nosy... I love knowing other peoples' business, and if they want to blab about it all over the internet for me to read - you better believe that I will! 2.) I'm a s.u.c.k.e.r for celebrity gossip and I love nothing more than reading about where they got their $1,400 shoes they wore to some sporting event they only showed up at to be photographed or who made the overpriced bag they are carrying on a date with their reality show boyfriend. 3.) I'm a wanna-be decorator, and someday the hundreds of beautiful home decorating and DIY pictures I've saved away on my computer WILL be put to good use {maybe not by me personally, but in my home somehow} 4.) Most of what I love to read is some combination of the following: fashion, food, and family.

At least I'm drawn to a fairly equal mix of celebrity gossip and cooking blogs. And somehow I think the stay-at-home-moms-decorating-their-house-on-a-budget-and-raising-babies blogs cancel out the ones I read that just showcase sinfully overpriced fashion on emaciated celebs. Right? Check out some of my faves... just don't blame me when you get hooked :)


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Good luck on the memo boards. Can't wait to see how they turn out!

    PS Love the song your blog is named after. It's one of my faves. Good luck with your finals! I don't envy you with law school finals!

  2. Several of those blogs are some of my favorite reads too!!

    I love your blog layout. = )


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