April 26, 2011


It's that time of year again. The one where I hole up in my apartment or plant my booty in a Panera booth and try to cram into my brain the 14 weeks' worth of materials that I a) neglected to learn throughout the semester b) didn't bother reading, rather I "skimmed for the main idea" -- as if this will help me pass the bar and c) failed to outline on my own and instead decided to rely on other peoples' notes passed around the internet. Good plan?? Probably not my best. But, I had a fun semester and I think that ought to count for something... maybe not points on my exams, but... something.

My first final is tomorrow - so any prayers, well wishes, etc. you care to shoot my way would be greatly appreciated. I'm convinced that it will take nothing short of a miracle for me to pass my finals this time around. C's get degrees, right? Right. I'll cross my fingers for better than C's but if that's all I earn, I can rest assured that its all I deserve at this point! Procrastination only can last so long. As Sheila artfully put it tonight after a mild panic attack I had while studying Sales & Secured transactions... regardless of what we know, we CAN'T STOP THIS TRAIN!

Terrifying. And oh so true! So its back to the books for now... then back to blogging in a couple of weeks! {Although, I think I'll sneak in one little post I have *mostly* finished and saved so I don't lose you all between now and May 6th!}

In the meantime... I'll leave you with this amazing rendition of an old hymn that literally gave me chills. I can't stop listening to it!
And with that - I hope you all had a fabulous Easter with your families and are well-rested from a long weekend of egg hunting and baskets full of goodies! Hopefully amid all the bunnies and chocolate you took a moment to acknowledge the true meaning of Resurrection Sunday and reflected on the sacrifice that was made for each and every one of us!

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  1. dying at you quoting me. this week has been such a blur hahaha WE'RE DONE!!!!!


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