April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding!!

Ok I know I said I'd stay away from blogland until after my finals but OMG did everyone wake up and watch the royal wedding this morning?!?! Despite my having an exam from 1-4 today, you better believe that I sprang up out of bed at 5:30 - without even hitting snooze - and soaked up a solid hour or two of royal wedded bliss before I started studying for my employment law exam!

Kate's dress ---- to die! I am still amazed at how well she carried herself. She was so poised. So relaxed. So confident! She just looked like she was born for this day! I loved the sweet moments she and Prince William shared ~ this was soo not the stuffy royal wedding of yesteryear! Props to them on making it so "them" and for sharing sweet moments and laughs despite the 2 billion estimated eyes that were upon them :)

As I sat Indian-style on the floor with a kitty by my side and my nose mere inches away from the TV screen, I kept thinking 1) WOW. This is a once-in-a-lifetime even to be watching live and 2) I wish I could relive my wedding day over and over again! I LOVE WEDDINGS! And I love love... can't wait for my next friend/sister to get hitched!!

Happy Royal Wedding Day! Alright, now back to the books... with E! still on in the background recapping the wedding details while I cram for this final all.day.long, of course!

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