March 31, 2011

Spring Break: Part II

Ya, ya I know I already had my spring break fun... but that didn't stop me from taking full advantage of Andrew's week off too :) We headed down to Panama City Beach (thanks to my awesome bosses who let us use their beautiful beachfront condo for a ridiculous deal - thank you, thank you!) for a mini getaway with some friends. Thankfully the weather cooperated and we had 4 days of warm temperatures and sunshine!!!
Condo building

View looking down from our balcony on the tippy top!
My guy :)
 Our goal was not to spend too much $$$ this trip, so we were sure to put the full kitchen in the condo to use - we cooked breakfasts, lunches and even a couple dinners! Being a short 5 hour drive from the ocean also kept our costs way down, which was nice! The chiropractic school boys definitely earned their break... they had a miserable week of finals prior to their week off and were sooo ready to kick back and relax!
Future Dr.'s working on their tans

Hangin' in the pool w/ their girls (sans me)
I, on the other hand, was missing school and work so I was stressin' just a little about staying caught up! Thankfully, I had a fantastic balcony to sit on and get a little (by little... I mean, hardly any) reading done. But there was much too much fun to be had to worry about the classes I was missing and the reading I'd have to do once we got back home. So I pretty much gave up and then paid for it later in the week!
A little self-timer action...

Sunset from the roof deck
Games on the roof!
Where I read ~2 pages...
We got back late Tuesday... I played catch-up/went to class Wednesday... had class all day Thursday...

...and what do you know? Tomorrow is already Friday! I could get used to short weeks like this ;)

There won't be too many more opportunities where we can just zip down to the beach for a few days and spend time lazing in the sun, goofing around with our friends. Soon there will be moving back to Ohio, and real jobs and responsibilities like a house and a yard... and eventually there will be kids. So we are thankful for these chances to get away for some carefree fun! I'm sure that memories like these will be ones that we look back on and smile about for years to come.

Back to reality. With a tan :)

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  1. Your vacation looked amazing... and that tan??? So jealous!


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